Pegasus Scientific Workflows on TACC Wrangler
Karan Vahi, Mats Rynge Pegasus Tutorial @ TACC , January 2019.


 Panorama 360: End-to-End Online Performance Data Capture and Analysis of Scientific Workflows
G. Papadimitriou, C. Wang, K. Vahi, R. Ferreira da Silva, A. Mandal, Z. Liu, R. Mayani, M. Rynge, M. Kiran, V. Lynch, R. Kettimuthu, E. Deelman, J. Vetter, I. Foster, 13th Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science (WORKS’18), Dallas, TX, November 2018.
 Pegasus Scientific Workflows with Containers
Karan Vahi, Pegasus Tutorial @ HPCS18, Orleans, France. July 2018.
 Science Impact of Sustained Cyberinfrastructure: The Pegasus Example
 Ewa Deelman, OAC NSF Online Webinar, May 2018.
Enhancing Scientific Computations with Scientific Workflows
Rafael Ferreira da Silva, George Papadimitriou, Ewa Deelman, Pegasus Tutorial @ ORNL, Oak Ridge, February 2018.


On the Use of Burst Buffers for Accelerating Data-Intensive Scientific Workflows
Rafael Ferreira da Silva, Scott Callaghan, Ewa Deelman, 12th Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science (WORKS’17), Denver, November 2017.
Pegasus WMS : An Introduction and upcoming features
Karan Vahi, Supercomputing 2017, Denver, November 2017.
Software Integrity with Pegasus: Securing Scientific Workflow Data
Von Welch, Karan Vahi, Anirban Mandal, Supercomputing 2017, Denver, November 2017.
  Pegasus Workflow Management System
Mats Rynge, Blue Waters Workflow Webinar Series, May 2017.
  Pegasus WMS : An Introduction and upcoming features
Karan Vahi, HTCondor Week, April 2017.
  Pegasus – Enhancing User Experience on OSG
Mats Rynge, Open Science Grid’s All Hands Meeting, San Diego, March 2017.


  Using Simple PID Controllers to Prevent and Mitigate Faults in Scientific Workflows
Rafael Ferreira da SilvaRosa Filgueira, Ewa Deelman, Erola Pairo-Castineira, Ian M. Overton, Malcolm Atkinson, 11th Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science (WORKS’16), Salt Lake City, November 2016.
 Pegasus Webinar and Tutorial
Karan Vahi and Mats Rynge, Bluewaters Workflows Workshop,  August 2016.

  Analysis of User Submission Behavior on HPC and HTC
Rafael Ferreira da Silva, USC Information Sciences Institute, Marina del Rey, July 2016.

  Automating Real-time Seismic Analysis Through Streaming and High Throughput Workflows
Rafael Ferreira da Silva, Environmental Computing Applications Workshop (ICCS 2016), San Diego, June 2016.
  Pegasus WMS – Automate, recover, and debug scientific computations
Mats Rynge, GRITS: Greater IPAC Technology Symposium, May 2016.
 Pegasus – Enhancing LIGO DAGMan Experience
Karan Vahi, Condor Week 2016, Madison, May 2016.
Mats Rynge, CyVerse Community, March 2016.


  Data Management in Pegasus WMS
Gideon Juve, DataCloud 2015, November 2015.
  Pegasus, Automate, recover, and debug scientific computations
Rafael Ferreira da Silva, Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL), October 2015.
  Complex Workloads on HUBzero – Pegasus Workflow Management System
Karan Vahi, HubBub 2015, Indianapolis, September 2015.
  Workflow Tools
Gideon Juve, International HPC Summer School, July 2015.
  Scientific Workflows – How Pegasus can enhance your DAGMan experience
Karan Vahi, HTCondor Week 2015, Madison, May 2015.
  Introduction to Scientific Workflows and Pegasus WMS
Karan Vahi, Cedars Sinai, April 2015.
  Scientific Workflows with Pegasus WMS
Gideon Juve, NERSC Workflow Day, February 2015.


  Experiments with Complex Scientific Applications on Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures
Rafael Ferreira da Silva, NSFCloud Workshop, December 2014.
  Science Automation with the Pegasus Workflow Management System
Ewa Deelman, ENS Lyon, December 2014.
  Pegasus Workflows on XSEDE
Mats Rynge, SuperComputing 2014, November 2014.


  Balanced Task Clustering in Scientific Workflows
Weiwei Chen, 9th IEEE Internationl Conference on e-Science, October 2013.
  Producing an Infrared Multiwavelength Galactic Plane Atlas using Montage, Pegasus and Amazon Web Services
Mats Rynge, 23rd Annual Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) Conference, October 2013.
  Rethinking Data Management for Scientific Workflows
Karan Vahi, IEEE  Big Data and Science: Infrastructure and Services Workshop, October 2013.
  Pegasus Workflow Management System
Gideon Juve, Condo of Condos Workshop, September 2013.
  Resource provisioning for high throughput workloads on the national cyberinfrastructure
Mats Rynge, USC Information Sciences Institute, May 2013.
  Workflow Technologies for Science Automation
Ewa Deelman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), May 2013.
  Managing Workloads with DAGMan and Pegasus
Karan Vahi, Condor Week 2013, May 2013.
  Pegasus 4.2 on the Open Science Grid
Mats Rynge, OSG All Hands Meeting, March 2013.


  A General Approach to Real-time Workflow Monitoring
Karan Vahi, WORKS, November 2012.
  Hosted Science: Managing Computational Workflows in the Cloud
Ewa Deelman, Euro-Par’12, September 2012.
  Scientific Workflows in the Cloud
Gideon Juve, Science Cloud Summer School, August 2012.
  High Throughput Computing for Astronomers
Mats Rynge, Sagan Workshop, July 2012.


  Experiences Using GlideinWMS and the Corral Frontend Across Cyberinfrastructures
Mats Rynge, 7th IEEE International Conference on e-Science, Stockholm, Sweden, November 2011.
  Experiment Management from a Pegasus Perspective
Jens S. Vockler , Support for Experimental Computer Science, SuperComputing’11, November 2011.
  High Performance Compute Infrastructure for Astronomy: 2020 Is Only Months Away
G. Bruce Berriman, ADASS XXI Conference, Paris, November 2011.
  A Very Brief Introduction To Cloud Computing
Jens S. Vockler, GRITS’11, June 2011.
  Experiences Using Cloud Computing for A Scientific Workflow Application
Jens S. Vockler, ScienceCloud’11 workshop, June 2011.
  glideinWMS – Dynamic Glideins Across National Infrastructures
Mats Rynge, HTCondor Week’11, May 2011.
  Using Pegasus 3.0 for Data-based workflows on the OSG
Mats Rynge, OSG All Hands Meeting’11, March 2011.


  CorralWMS: Integrating glideinWMS and Corral
Mats Rynge, HTCondor Week’10, April 2010.



  Clouds: An Opportunity for Scientific Applications?
Ewa Deelman, Cracow Grid Workshop, Krakow, Poland, October 2008.
  Data Management Challengesof Large-Scale Data IntensiveScientific Workflows
Ewa Deelman, CoreGRID Integration Workshop, Crete, Greece, April 2008.


  Managing Workflows with the Pegasus Workflow Management System
Ewa Deelman, Open Science Grid, December 2007.
  Managing Scientific Workflowson OSG with Pegasus
Ewa Deelman, Open Science Grid Consortium All Hands Meeting, SDSC, San Diego, March 2007.


  Meeting the Challenges of Managing Large-Scale Scientific Workflows in Distributed Environments
Ewa Deelman, Scientific Workflows and Business Workflow Standards in e-Science Workshop, eScience’06, Amsterdam, Netherlands, December 2006.
  Time and Space Optimizations for Executing Scientific Workflows in Distributed Environments
Ewa Deelman, NeSC Workflow Optimization in Distributed Environments, Edinburgh, UK, October 2006.



  Pegasus: A Framework for Workflow Planning on the Grid
Ewa Deelman, Seatle, September 2004.


  Pegasus:Planning for Execution in Grids
Ewa Deelman, SuperComputing’13, November 2003.
  GriPhyN NSF Review
Ewa Deelman, January 2003.