Seminar: Multi-objective scheduling and enactment of scientific workflows in Clouds

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The talk gives first an overview of the research conducted at the Institute of Computer Science, University of Innsbruck in the area of parallel and distributed systems. Afterwards, it focuses scientific  workflows (our common topic of interest) by presenting research … Read More

Seminar: ENVRIplus: Review of existing Research Infrastructures: requirements, technologies, achievements and gaps leading to characterization

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ENVRIplus is a Horizon 2020 project bringing together Environmental and Earth System Research Infrastructures (RIs), projects and networks together with technical specialist partners to create a more coherent, interdisciplinary and interoperable cluster of Environmental Research Infrastructures across Europe. It is … Read More

Seminar: A Game Theoretic Approach for Managing Multi-Modal Urban Mobility Systems

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Collective adaptive systems provide secure and robust collaboration between heterogeneous entities such as humans and computer systems. Such entities have potentially conflicting goals that attempt to satisfy by interacting with each other. Understanding, predicting and designing their behavior and evolution … Read More

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