Mats Rynge featured in XSEDE ECSS profile series

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The Pegasus team is very proud of our Mats for his contributions to XSEDE ECSS.  Recently, XSEDE posted this story about Mats on their Facebook page:


Our ECSS profile series continues today with Mats Rynge from USC Information Sciences Institute. Read his full feature here:

As an expert in workflows, Mats Rynge helps XSEDE researchers in fields like biology and earth sciences adapt their codes to the XSEDE environment. “The users we end up helping know their scientific fields, but sometimes they struggle to map their computational problems to XSEDE resources,” Rynge says.

Researchers commonly tell Rynge they have a script that takes them “halfway” to their goals; Rynge’s role is to figure out the best resources and workflow tools to use to take the project the rest of the way home. Luckily, Rynge — who helped develop the Pegasus workflow engine at ISI — is familiar with a wide variety of workflow tools; when he’s not working with individual ECSS projects, he can often be found giving tutorials to groups of XSEDE users on the workflow options available to them.

Rynge also works to make more tools available to more scientists — the Makeflow workflow he and others developed for a recent GIS project studying solar irradiation (headed by Arizona PI Jon Pelletier) not only benefited that work, but was also shared to other researchers via science gateway

Rynge is happy to be a member of the XSEDE community of people and information: “Being a part of that ecosystem is very valuable.”


Source: XSEDE Facebook page