SciTech: Year in Review – 2016

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The SciTech research team wishes you a wonderful 2017! In 2016, we had a great year and several accomplishments. Among them, we highlight the LIGO’s discovery early this year and how the Pegasus team has contributed to LIGO’s software infrastructure.


Research Grants from the National Science Foundation: We have been awarded with 4 research grants to address cybersecurity controls in Pegasus (Indiana University, USC, and RENCI); to develop a portfolio of computational modeling and simulation software for earthquake, wind, and multi-hazard engineering research and education; to develop a simulation workbench for scientific workflows (UHM and USC); and to enhance user productivity and broadening participation of the Computational and Data-enabled Science and Engineering (CDS&E) community (XSEDE2).


Research Seminars: We have hosted 4 research seminars presented by top research leaders from the HPC, scientific workflows, science gateways, and distributed systems communities: Dr. Gesing presented enhancements of workflow systems to address the usability of workflows and optimizations of their efficiency; Dr. Filgueira presented a review of existing research infrastructures used by the scientific community to conduct a top-level research in their field; Dr. Klimeck discussed some of the myths and perceptions of what is possible and impossible to achieve scientific knowledge transfer; and Dr. Prodan presented a multi-objective scheduling and enactment approach for makespan, cost,  energy efficiency and fault tolerance using provenance information on distributed cloud and manycore parallel infrastructures.


Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals:  We have published 6 journal articles about the Pegasus software, applications, and research in scientific workflows:


Publications in Peer-Reviewed Conferences:  We have also published 13 conference papers discussing Pegasus software and applications, workflow optimizations and fault-tolerance, and data analyses:


Data Analytics and Modeling:

Cloud Computing:


Pegasus (software, applications, integration):


In addition, we have hosted 3 visiting researchers (Dr. Rosa Filgueira, Dr. Frédéric Suter, and Prof. Martin Quinson), 2 graduate students (Stephan Schlagkamp and Saloni Pryia), and 2 summer internships (Guilherme Gribeler and Samrat Jha).


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